The Technical Program Committee is developing a robust program for the 5th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics 2024.

The program will feature presentations from the following themes:

  • Mechanistic-empirical design (road, railways, airfields, waterways and harbor facilities)

  • Optimized characteristics of geomaterials (e.g. hydraulically bound materials & asphalt mixtures)

  • Recycled materials in road and rail embankments and sub-structural layers

  • Sustainability in transportation geotechnics

  • Fundamentals of road and rail geotechnics

  • Offshore soil improvement, port development and harbour geotechnics

  • Dynamics of transportation infrastructure and numerical modelling

  • Soft Subgrade Instability including yielding and fluidisation (experimental and numerical)

  • Behaviour of airfields and pavement structures

  • Transition zones for railways

  • Applied ground improvement methods for transportation infrastructure

  • Stabilisation and reinforcement of geomaterials and waste materials

  • Geosynthetics in transportation applications

  • Geotechnics in underground transportation including tunnels

  • Use of rigid inclusions and retaining structures for enhanced stability

  • Pile-supported transport infrastructure

  • Geotechnical-seismic vulnerability of transportation infrastructures

  • Subsurface sensing for transportation infrastructure

  • Intelligent construction in earthworks technology and management

  • Climatic effects on the behavioral transformation of geomaterials

  • Properties and behavior of Unsaturated subgrade and compacted fills

  • Slope stability and risk management in relation to transport corridors

  • Transport asset management

  • Planning and design of mega transport projects

Full Paper Submissions

Paper submissions will open on Monday 14 August 2023.

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The following awards will also be presented at the conference:

  • Best THEMATIC Paper Award
  • ISSMGE Bright Spark Award – for a presenting author who must be aged 36 or under on the last day of the conference
  • Best Young Professional Engineer Paper Award – for a Practitioner
  • Best Poster Award